What a damn fool I’ve been!

So important to remember …

There’s no greater foolishness than to spend one’s lifetime acknowledging that one is deluded and yet doing nothing whatsoever about it. Then, when it’s too late to do anything, we suddenly find ourselves at death’s door, thinking, “What a damn fool I’ve been! I’ve squandered this precious opportunity!” At that moment, all we can do is beat our chest in despair. Throughout the whole of our existence, has there ever been an insight more devastating than this?

To make sure this never happens to us, instead we should take this message to heart—no matter how attractive the objects of the senses may appear to be, they’re simply powerless to provide us with any lasting happiness.

– Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

The ONLY thing that matters is the attention I give to the people I love. Beyond that, my energy is best spent on doing whatever I can to relieve the suffering of others – whether that’s by volunteering at a library, political activism, donating to a hospice organization, being patient in the checkout line or kissing a boo-boo.

Source: www.tricycle.com

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