Posted in May 2013

Becoming Unbusy

“‘Busy’ has become the new ‘Fine’.” As in, when you ask somebody how they were doing, they used to answer, “Fine.” But nowadays, everybody answers, “Busy.” (As quoted in the article “A Helpful Guide to Becoming Unbusy” by Joshua Becker.) It’s surprisingly difficult to resist busyness. I find myself fighting to keep life as simple as possible. … Continue reading

What a damn fool I’ve been!

So important to remember … There’s no greater foolishness than to spend one’s lifetime acknowledging that one is deluded and yet doing nothing whatsoever about it. Then, when it’s too late to do anything, we suddenly find ourselves at death’s door, thinking, “What a damn fool I’ve been! I’ve squandered this precious opportunity!” At that … Continue reading

Rules for Kindness

• Treat people the way you would like to be treated. • Play fair. • Respect everyone—other students and all staff. • Everyone can play. • Help others when they need help. • Don’t hurt others on the inside or the outside. • Honor all of the pillars of ethics. Source: Carderock Elementary School via … Continue reading


I am no longer the perfectionist I once was. Occasionally, I still notice when a picture frame is not sitting at the exact angle that I had placed it on a shelf. But, thankfully, I no longer have insomnia when the dining room table is covered with mail and miscellaneous papers. Still, one of my … Continue reading

Silence is the place where the story lands …

You cannot breath out unless you have breathed in.  The light follows the darkness. You cannot wake unless you have slept. “Talking talking talking – no matter how magical, powerful, rich and fascinating – will become only noise unless you allow space for the words to fully integrate and become a part of the listener. … Continue reading