Posted in March 2013

Courageous Mothering

Following are some thoughts after reading “Let Your Courage Emerge” (The Balanced Mom). These thoughts were written in five minute intervals between the words “Momma, come” …  “Momma, eat” … “Momma, play” … “Momma, help” … “Momma, read” … “Momma, cheese” … “Momma, milk” … “Momma, color” … “Momma, water” … and finally a meltdown over going … Continue reading

Practical Tips on Mindfulness

10 practical tips to start being more mindful right now Take a couple of minutes to notice your breathing. Sense the flow of the breath, the rise and fall of your belly. Notice what you are doing as you are doing it and tune into your senses. When you are eating, notice the colour, texture … Continue reading